Boardwalk Trail

Come walk where giants rest.
The Beidler boardwalk angles towards the right and then curves to the left. Trees covered in thick moss rise from the water next to it, devoid of leaves, a sign of winter.
The boardwalk in winter is dramatically different than its spring incarnation. Although you can see farther out without the leaves, the reflections from high water and occasional foggy mornings create a mystifying atmosphere. Photo: Richard Covey

A 1.75-mile self-guiding boardwalk trail allows visitors the chance to safely venture deep into the heart of the experience the peace and serenity that have characterized the area for hear the sounds of bird and bug and breeze that have echoed through the trees for take a relaxing and informative walk back into see a swamp the way nature intended them to be! The boardwalk provides the opportunity to stroll past the 1000-year-old trees and native wildlife that abounds in this pristine sanctuary that has been untouched for millenia. This boardwalk trail is ADA compliant, with rest areas and rain shelters along the way. Click here for a virtual tour!

This trail has an eBird hotpsot! Check it out here.

Trail Guidelines:

  • The boardwalk is only open to the public during hours of operation, if the front gates are not open, it will be considered as trespassing
  • Please stay on the boardwalk at all times
  • Dispose of all trash properly
  • Supervise children at all times
  • To benefit all visitors, maintain respectful noise levels

The following are not permitted on the sanctuary:

  • Dogs, horses and other animals
  • Bicycles, ATVs and other vehicles
  • Drones
  • Smoking, vaping, alcohol or illegal substances
  • Hunting, firearms or other weapons of any type
  • Disturbing, feeding or handling wildlife
  • Scratching, cutting or damaging trees
  • Removing plants or digging into soil
  • Fires or burning for any reason
Photo: Richard Covey
The Beidler boardwalk angles around a large pine tree on the left. This part of the boardwalk is low, the ground is covered in pinestraw, leaves, sticks, and so on. The sunlight cuts through the forest, reflecting off multiple smooth leaves.
The first part of the boardwalk winds through bottomland hardwood forest, which will allow you see a variety of plants and animals that aren't found beyond in the swamp itself. Photo: Richard Covey
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