Here at Beidler we are dedicated to the conservation of and education about birds.

Photo: Richard Covey

Our Work is for the Birds

For more than a century, Audubon has been at the forefront of science-based bird conservation. We've managed Francis Beidler Forest since 1969, so for over 50 years we've worked to protect and study this virtually untouched swamp by expanding our acreage to create a protective buffer around the original old growth property and also by keeping an eye on the health of the ecosystem. For decades we've done surveys to understand the flow of bird species that calls Four Holes Swamp itself home. Additionally we've worked to help species who have been in decline due to habitat loss across the state, such as setting the groundwork for Northern Bobwhites and in time, Red-cockaded Woodpeckers.

Across the state, Audubon South Carolina prioritizes several dozen species whose conservation challenges are significant, and whose status our work can measurably improve.  To keep these species healthy and abundant, we're working to protect several million acres of land in South Carolina.  We also undertake research that reveals what these birds need to thrive.

How you can help, right now