Rentals at Beidler Forest

A view from inside Beidler's outdoor classroom. The screened-in walls are framed by rows of tables, three on either side. In the back of the room is another table, a sink, and a message board.
Our outdoor classroom.

Whether you’re looking for a location to host a corporate meeting or a child’s birthday party, we can accommodate you at Beidler Forest! Our screened-in, covered outdoor classroom offers a great outdoor space for meetings and events of up to 50 people. Located next to the visitor center at Beidler Forest, the outdoor classroom is close to our 1.75-mile boardwalk that winds through virgin old growth cypress tupelo swamp.

Click here to inquire about hourly, half-day and full-day rentals. Beidler Forest staff are also available for private boardwalk tours, presentations, or educational activities for your group.

Outdoor Classroom rental includes:

  • 8 6-foot picnic tables
  • 1 8-foot foot table
  • 1 6-foot collapsible table
  • Cold water sink
  • Projector and projector screen (available for rent)
A view from inside Beidler's outdoor classroom, only in the opposite direction. The tables in all of their glory point to two more tables, and outside there are small trees filling the space beyond.
A view from inside Beidler's outdoor classroom, only now at night. Lights illuminate the ceiling, creating a cozy appearance and possibly distracting from the possibility of nocturnal wildlife lurking beyond in the woods.

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