Private Tours

A person is looking right at you through their bincoluars. They are smiling. They must like what they see.
Photo: Nolan Schillerstrom

If you're a teacher interested in bringing a field trip please visit our Teacher Information page so that you can provide all the details we would need.

One of the most intimate ways to experience Beidler Forest is to take a staff naturalist with you on the boardwalk.  Our naturalists know the intricacies and tiny miracles of life that make the forest such a magical place.

Also, our naturalists can tailor their presentations to suit your group's interests. Whether you’re an organization or a group of friends wanting to experience the forest on a deeper level, we’ll do our best to address the topics of your choice, whether it's about birds, reptiles, trees, or even a little bit of our history.

Reserve in Advance

Please ask in advance to schedule any private tour. You may call 843-487-9988 and leave a message, but emailing us at has a much better chance of getting a timely response.

Tour Cost

Our current rate for a private guided trip is $18 / person. Pre-payment for a minimum of 12 people is required to reserve a date and book your trip. If you have fewer than 12 people, we’ll still charge for 12. If you bring more than 12 people, you can pay for those folks the day of your trip upon check-in.

Adult Group  $18 per person  

Finally, note that we do lots of public tours as well.  Come for a daytime bird program or for one of our regular night explorations, which allow visitors to immerse themselves in the nocturnal sights and sounds of the forest. These programs still require registration ahead of time due to group size limits.

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